Accessibility Champion Sminu Jindal to deal with world marketers’ summit in Washington

The Global Leadership Conference (GLC) kickstarted its annual events on April 22 with flying colours. It is an annual congregation of some of the best business minds in the world who come together to bring a fresh economic perspective to the table and this year’s edition features one of India’s top industrialists and accessibility champion Sminu Jindal. She has been an ardent advocate of accessibility for all.

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) has invited the Managing Director of Jindal SAW Ltd and the Founder Chairperson Svayam to speak at their upcoming flagship event, the Global Leadership Conference (GLC) in Washington on April 25.

The US-based EO is a high-quality support network of 15,600+ leaders across 61 countries. This year’s theme for the summit is ‘Unleashed’ which promises to help EO members “unearth greater success, find greater purpose and have a greater

Fittingly, the multi-awarded, multifaceted, woman of steel, Sminu Jindal headlines the Indian representation at the exclusive event. She will be sharing insights from her inspiring journey and how accessibility makes financial sense by unleashing the power of communities and the potential of people with reduced mobility.

Jindal who also spoke exclusively with Republic Media Network recently is an indefatigable crusader for Accessibility for All. She was the first to train the spotlight on the need for accessibility in transport and the built environment as a basic universal necessity. Her entrepreneurial zeal and achievements as a celebrated businesswoman have given her the wherewithal to make a difference
and build an inclusive society.

An accident at the age of 11 turned her world upside down and saw her adapting to life in a wheelchair. It changed her worldview and the seeds of her passion project, accessibility non-profit Svayam, can be traced to the period following this. Today, her relentless pursuit of an accessible world has turned Svayam into a movement that focuses on creating a barrier-free world for everyone, irrespective of their abilities.

EO calls the 2022 edition the “most immersive and thought-provoking GLC to date” with a hybrid format that has both in-person and virtual forums in Washington, US.

Apart from the top industrialist, the other imminent speakers at the event are Mick Ebeling who is the recipient of the Mohammad Ali Humanitarian of the year award, Tyra Banks, the top content creator turned successful businesswoman and Karina Hollekim.


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