Industry proprietor and pastor in Tallahassee discuss out after string of weekend shootings

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – Another string of shootings in Tallahassee; there were four incidents across the city in less than 24 hours.

This brings us to at least 45 shootings or shots fired incidents so far in 2022, killing nine people and injuring nearly 40.

Some business owners are now left wondering whether they want to continue operating in certain parts of town.

Owner of Eyecatcher Signs and Graphics, John Dailey, located in the plaza on the corner of Appleyard and North Tennessee St, has been here for 23 years.

He said that in recent years, multiple shootings have rattled the neighborhood.

This time, shots rang out around 1:30 Monday morning near the property of Café Shisha near McKeithan St.

Two vehicles were hit by gunfire, no suspects were located and no arrests were made.

Dailey said that he’s tired of going to work every morning and finding broken glass bottles and damage to his building. Just Sunday night he said the windows of his business were spray painted.

Dailey is asking when enough is enough as he’s worried about the future of his business.

“After three years of this, you would think that at some point either a landlord or the city commission would listen to the people who are tired of having to go around this area on Saturday nights, literally there are times when the streets are blocked off and traffic is diverted around this area,” said the owner of Eyecatcher Signs and Graphics.

The shooting early Monday came after a weekend with multiple shooting incidents.

Early Sunday, there were three different shootings within less than two hours of each other.

The first happened just after 2 am when officers saw two cars chasing and shooting each other. Three people were arrested.

Just 40 minutes later, another shooting happened South of MLK Jr. Blvd and W Gaines St.

After that, around 3:30 am, a teen girl showed up at a local hospital with injuries.

TPD said a friend told officers an argument escalated into a shooting in the 200 block of Dixie Drive.

Ferguson said he believes the problems seem to lie with the youth.

“We have an issue, we have a serious issue that is going on in our community in and those who seem to result in gun violence and seem that there is no other way to resolve it but through the acts of guns,” said Pastor and Tallahassee Police Department Advisory Committee Member Rudolph Ferguson.

Ferguson said he would like to see local leaders like police officers, and local and county commissioners sit down and see an end to this crime.

WCTV reached out to the Tallahassee Police Department multiple times for more information on these shootings but have yet to hear back.

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