How can Indian startups be actually inclusive?

In Bengaluru’s Marathahalli, bright rainbow-coloured gates outside the Wells Fargo Center indicate that the multinational financial services company is celebrating Pride Month. A couple of kilometers ahead, a rainbow flag adorns HSBC Electronic Data Processing’s office. The rainbow flag or the pride flag is symbolic of the LGBTQIA+ (an inclusive term for all genders and … Read more

How can startups save you burnout on the place of work?

Amrita*, a former marketing associate in the F&B sector, realized she was no longer motivated or satisfied with her work. “Workload was shoehorned into timelines. There was an expectation to churn out content all the time while simultaneously looking at digital sales, PR activities, and generating reports. Work groups on WhatsApp were cutting into personal … Read more

Here is how networking the precise method can assist develop your startup

“Entrepreneurship is all about creating opportunities where none exist. Networking allows an entrepreneur to explore the uncharted path,” says Vineet ToshniwalFounder and CEO of BizzO. If one were to list down the essential skills a successful entrepreneur must possess, networking would definitely make it to the top five. Essentially, networking is the process of interacting … Read more

Podcasts each and every entrepreneur must concentrate to

Now is a glorious time for aspiring entrepreneurs to make their way into the Indian startup ecosystem, which currently has 100 unicorns. Today, India ranks third in terms of startups worth $1 billion-plus valuation, coming after the US and China. Recently, the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade reported that India registers around … Read more

Tips on how to foster an inclusive and various place of business?

With Indian startups reaching new heights every passing year, diversity and inclusion have started to become a benchmark for calculating this growth. So, what is the advantage of having a diverse workforce? A study by McKinsey called ‘Diversity Wins’, which surveyed more than 1,000 large companies, found that diversity in executive teams is related to … Read more

5 books each and every entrepreneur should learn

Running a business comes with hiring the right people, polishing the acquired skills and learning new ones at the same time, and most importantly– taking in the good and bad days with the same level of motivation. So where does an entrepreneur go to seek motivation in the bad days? The easiest source is diving … Read more

Is it very important for startup founders to have a powerful social media presence?

The purpose behind the launch of a social media platform was to connect people with their friends and families living across the globe. However, over the years, the use and purpose of social media platforms have evolved. Social media platforms have now become an outlet for brands and startups to spread awareness about their products … Read more

How can startup founders take time without work?

A startup founder doesn’t have specific office hours. They work round the clock to ensure that their business and teams are on track towards success — with undivided attention and time. There is always another product to launch, new clients to acquire, or investors to onboard. According to Harvard Business Review (HBR), about 79 percent … Read more

Entrepreneurship 101: Hiring the proper skill

For any entrepreneur to succeed, there is one factor that needs to work for all — irrespective of size, sector, goals, etc — and that is having the right people. Building the right team has a major impact on a startup’s success as the wrong people can cause friction, create challenges, block the creative process, … Read more

Entrepreneurship 101: The way to foster management?

Leadership is not taught in any school or institution. Leaders are made — with the necessary skills over the course of their lives. But who is a good leader? According to Warren Bennis, “Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality.” Therefore, a good leader is someone who creates a vision for his startup, … Read more