‘We are not pronouncing each and every younger guy will have to turn out to be an entrepreneur’ – Dr. John Kumah explains how YouStart will create 1 million jobs

The Deputy Finance Minister, Dr. John Kumah, has explained that when the government says it intends to create 1million jobs through the YouStart programme, it does not translate to creating 1million entrepreneurs per se.

According to him, the actual target is creating 300,000 entrepreneurs which forms 30% of the unemployed population in Ghana, in the hopes that the 300,000 entrepreneurs would be able to provide employment to the remaining unemployed population.

This he says is a more viable way to drastically reducing the unemployment levels in the country while creating sustainable jobs that will drive the economy forward.

Speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express Business Edition, he said, “And when we say we’re targeting to create 1million jobs, we’re not saying every young man should become an entrepreneur. We’re targeting up to 30% of this available workforce that are looking for jobs, that’s about 300,000.

“If you’re able to create about 300,000 businesses within the next three years and they do an average of say 5 jobs on the average. Some are able to do 50, 100, but let’s say they create 5 jobs on the average then you have absorbed that’s about 1.5 million jobs created.

“So you could have by then absorbed all the 19.7% unemployment or brought it down to sustainable levels. So that’s the objective, we want young people to be bold. And the problem of this country is not lack of ideas, I have engaged young people, and I have seen that they can create jobs.”

Citing an example, he spoke of how a contestant on the Presidential Pitch program was able to set up a successful thriving business in Kumasi despite not winning the ultimate prize.

“One of the examples I often refer to is of a young man who participated in the presidential pitch, his restaurant is now called Pizza man and Chicken man, it’s very popular in Kumasi, he’s a KNUST student. He didn’t even win in the top 10, but I referred him to quick angels and they supported him to start with his first restaurant Pizza man and Chicken man.

“Today as we speak he has like 9 to 10 branches across the country. He has over 50 workers and he’s seeking to expand every day. So I mean right from school he’s now an employer, he’s not looking for jobs with the certificate that he paid for at KNUST.

“He’s employing permanent staff, he has 20 bike deliveries for people who buy and he has to go and deliver. And this has been achieved in a very short time.

“And I believe so many young people in Ghana have different creative ideas that if they get the support they would be able to add value to whatever business idea they have, create jobs for themselves first and also engage other people,” he said.

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